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      To which astounding assertion she replied in those terms of flattery in which alone it was safe to address the individuals who were not tyrants, and whose motto was Liberty, equality, and fraternity.Allegra was a great talker. It seemed as if she had a well-spring of joy and life within her which must find an outlet. When people ventured to hint at her loquacity she declared that her name was in fault.

      Susan was exuberant in her delight.

      Mme. de Genlis never went to the Imperial court, but led a quiet literary life; quiet, that is to say, so far as the word can be applied to one whose salon was the resort of such numbers of people.

      It is a mistake, she exclaimed. If I appealed to justice it would be too slow; but the beauty of clemency is that it is quick."I thought that every young woman required at least six months for the preparation of her trousseau?"

      "How old is he, do you say?""Wasn't it the wrong time of year for Italy?" asked Mr. Colfox.


      "Now, Allegra," said her brother, emptying the ashes out of his pipe, "are you ready to go home?"


      "Fallen in love! No, he is not that kind of man. He is as earnest and enthusiastic as a medi?val monk. We have all been carried away by his eloquence. He preaches what people call awakening sermons; and I fear they have been too agitating for Isola. She insists on hearing him; she hangs upon his words; but his preaching has too strong an influence upon her mindor upon her nerves. I have seen the tears streaming down her poor pale cheeks; I have seen her terribly overcome. She is too weak to bear that kind of strain. She is depressed all the rest of the day."