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      The General looked up and saw Corporal Si Klegg and Shorty standing at a "salute."

      "The blazes you say. I'd have you know, Yank, that one Confederit is wuth a whole rijimint o' Lincoln hirelings. I'll"147

      "I don't know about that," muttered Shorty; "the last time I had the pleasure o' meetin' the lady she had 'steen dozen bottles o' head-bust about her."

      None of us do! Dick caught the spirit of Sandys accusing manner. I know youve been here before, too. There are lots of chunks of old chewing gum stuck around in that front compartment of the amphibianand someone has been working on it, too. I saw the signs."Wish the whole outfit was a mile deep in burnin' brimstone," wrathfully observed Shorty.


      Co. Q had one of those mento be found in every companywho can get whisky under apparently any and all circumstances. In every company there is always one man who seemingly can find something to get drunk on in the midst of the Desert of Sahara. To Co. Q's representative of this class Si went, and was piloted to where, after solemn assurances against "giving away," he procured a halfpint of fairly-good applejack, into which he put his doses of quinine.


      I told him I wuz tollable peart, and he says:


      "No matter when you expected us back," said the Deacon, shaking him still harder, while Si winked meaningly at Shorty. "What d'ye mean by sich capers as this? You've bin a-drinkin' likker, you brute."