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      One evening, about a week later, he was leaning against a tree beside his tent, when he saw the doctor coming from the hut. Something in his gait, in the poise of his head, sent the blood to Traffords face. He came forward eagerly, with the unspoken question in his eyes.

      "No, he won't. He doesn't propose to if he could and he couldn't if he did. To get the battery off to-morrow--""And did just right!" whispered and beamed poor Anna. "What did you dream, dear?"

      Yes, yes, he assented, nodding. It shall be done, my dear; anything that will give you pleasure and amuse you.

      I grant your right to ask that question, he said, but I[293] have come all the way from London in search of her, I am a friend of her husband.

      What is the matter? she asked. Why have you come?

      Trafford felt in his pocket; but his man, in changing his masters clothes, had forgotten to transfer the money.Of course, there was the steward, Helby; and a housekeeper, who was a great deal more stately than the late duchess had been; and a butler, to say nothing of a groom of the chambers, and other high and lofty functionaries. But this girl, five feet nothing, and with little soft, mousey ways, ruled like a queen over them all. Her word, spoken in the softest of voices, was law from one end of the vast place to the other; and never was law more wisely administered. The duke was extremely fond of her, and when he occasionally waxed obstinate, after the manner of old men, Lilias was the only person who had any influence over him. Between Trafford and herself there existed a very deep and strong affection. They regarded each other as brother and sister; and it was to Trafford, whom she admired and almost reverenced, that she turned when in want of advice and assistance.


      Thanks! he said. Never mind about me. You say Esmeralda hashas gone! Gone! Great Heaven! why?Quite satisfactory, thanks, said Lord Selvaine. Delightful evening! But I was particularly lucky, for I spent a great portion of it with Miss Chetwynde. He knocked the ashes from his cigarette, and nestled still closer in the luxurious chair. What a wonderful girl! Really, my dear boy, I have never seen a more beautiful woman! Those eyes of hers areare a revelation! And her hair! Titian and Murillo, to say nothing of Burne-Jones!


      Hilary smiled again: "I saw you this morning in the office of the Committee of Public Safety, where I was giving my word that this friend of mine should leave the city within twenty-four hours." He introduced him: "Lieutenant Greenleaf, gentleman, United States Army. Fred, these are Messrs. Smellemout and Ketchem, a leading firm in the bottling business."Lord Selvaines good offices did not stop at this. He went down to Belfayre and undertook the management of the estate, and any doubts which the curious and suspicious might have entertained were dispelled by his suave and perfectly easeful and contented manner. He did not trouble Trafford with any letters, and he ran the show as long as he was able. But there came a time when he could do without Traffords presence no longer. Then he wrote his single-line but significant missive, and shortly afterward came into the breakfast-room to Lilias with a cablegram in his hand.


      Esmeralda! he said, presently.Still covering him, she advanced slowly, and with fingers that trembled notwithstanding her courage, she drew the revolver from his belt.