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      Yes! You believe that I have done this thing. You believe that all this time, not only before, but sincesince I have been yourwife, I have been deceiving you, have let another man make love to me, have made love to him

      No, my lord, said Barker, looking at him questioningly and beginning to tremble. When I came in this morning her ladyship was not here. She must have dressed by herself and gone out; she has taken one of her traveling-dresses.The Callenders' carriage horses were greatly taxed in their nerves, yet they kept their discretion. Kept it even when now the battery flashed from column into line and bore down upon them, the train meanwhile whooping on toward Carrollton. And what an elated flock of brightly dressed citizens and citizenesses had alighted from the cars--many of them on the moment's impulse--to see these dear lads, with their romantically acquired battery, train for the holiday task of scaring the dastard foe back to their frozen homes! How we loved the moment's impulse those days!

      Lord Selvaine, as he watched him covertly, saw the handsome face grow pale, and the hand that held the wine-glass close so tightly that the slender stem snapped in two.

      She started--listened! A gate opened--shut. She sprang to her glass and then from it. In soft haste she needlessly closed the window and drew its shade and curtains. She bathed her eyelids and delicately dried them. At the mirror again she laid deft touches on brow and crown, harkening between for any messenger's step, and presently, without reason, began to set the room more exquisitely to rights. Now she faced the door and stood attentive, and now she took up a small volume and sat down by her lamp.

      Im sorry, said Trafford, quietly, and with ready sympathy. What went wrong?

      The men glanced at him from time to time as he leaned back in his tilted chair and read and tore up his letters with languid impassiveness; and Taffy, rousing from a peaceful slumber, got up and drifted across the room to him, and now quite sober, looked down at him sheepishly.


      He sighed at the destruction of his unreasonable hope.


      She went to the desk and wrote as he dictated, and the telegram was dispatched.You will do as I ask? Go down to Deepdale at once. She may come to you No, she will not leave him. Why should she? He loves her and she thinks I do not. Wait there till you hear from me, andand send me word to come to you if you hear anything.


      I know, said Esmeralda, smiling.