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      "Yes, yes; but go, Lucy, and tell that Stephen Holgrave is here."

      He did not fail to notice that he was sir no longer, but Mr Keeling, nor did he fail to grasp the significance. He was sir in his office, he was Mr Keeling in his house. Somehow that pleased him: it was like a mot juste in a comedy.

      They had rowed about a mile down the river, when the chancellor, who was gazing with vacant eyes, but an occupied mind, upon the water, had his attentions suddenly fixed."It is a stole for my brother, the monk, my lord," replied Margaret in a tremulous voice.


      "Lie there, dog!there goes one of the accursed council!" and, springing up the step with a giant grasp, he seized the mitred chancellor by the neck, and dragged him forth into the centre of the church.


      "I expect I couldnot really well, you know, just something like this."Whats the matter, Miss Propert? he said. Better tell me and not waste time, unless its private.


      Whats the matter? she said. Dear me, what is the matter? It was only my joke.He suddenly thrust her from him, and the lines which had begun to soften on his face as he held her, reappeared in their old harshness and weariness.