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      "Well, you are a Job's comforter," thought Shorty.124

      The awakening process finally reached those of Co. Q who had roosted on Si's rail all night.

      The sound of his voice reached Gen. Rosecrans, in side, and busy as he was, arrested his attention. With the kindly thoughtfulness that so endeared him to his soldiers he instantly remembered his promise, dropped his pen, and came to the door.198 So we're springing to the call from the East and from the West,

      The Deacon snatched up a gun and joined the Captain."Captain, you don't want to take that old woman, the 'Squire and that skunk they call Jeff Hackberry back to camp with you, do you? Leave 'em here with us. I've got a little scheme."



      "What'll you do if you have him and the grasshoppers the same year, Pap?" inquired Si.



      A glance at the text will show us that it refers to two subjects; the completeness of the sacrifice offered on the cross, as in the words, after He had offered one sacrifice for sin for ever, and the present session at the right hand of God; as in the words, sat down at the right hand of God. It is the second of these that we shall study this morning."Corp'l Klegg," said the Captain, without an instant's hesitation, "you hear what's to be done. Take five men and go."