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      "Hold your fire till we are across," shouted the Colonel. "ForwardGuide centerDouble-quickMarch!"The boy, full of the old nick, found an Orderly's horse nipping the grass close by the path to the spring and, boy like, jumped on its back. The clatter of the canteens frightened the horse, and he broke into a dead run.

      "Now none o' that, missus," said Reuben roughly"you put the child back in her cradle, and go and lie down yourself. I d?an't want to have to fetch doctor in to you."

      Shorty lifted the canteen to his lips and Groundhog clasped his throat with his thumb on Adam's apple. When Shorty got his breath he sputtered:

      "Harrywill youwill you take this basin of cream to your mother?"

      "Don't be a fool, Markham," said the lawyer, catching the man and pushing him back into the crowd behind. "Now, sir, Sergeant, or Captain, or Colonel, whatever you may call yourself, for I despise military titles, and don't pretend to know them, I again demand the release of those men. You'll be foolish to attempt to resist, for we've men enough to tear you limb from limb, and jerk down the jail over your heads. Look out for yourself. You can see that the courtyard is full of men. They are determineddesperate, for they have groaned under the iron heel of tyranny."Si and Shorty did not trust themselves to look at one another before the trusting father's eyes, for Jedediah Bennett, who was one of the best soldiers in Co. Q, had developed a skill at poker that put all the other boys on their mettle; and as for foragingwell, neither Si nor Shorty ever looked for anything in a part where Jed Bennett had been.



      "I hate you! I hate you!" she cried, and threw herself about.