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      "Colonel," said Shorty's voice out of the darkness, "I've brung you one o' the rebel scouts that was piroutin' out there. I don't know as you kin make much out o' him, though, for the welt I fetched him with my gun bar'l seems to've throwed his thinkery out o' gear, and he can't talk straight.""I am, for the present," said Si.

      "Well," said Billings, defensively, "the feller is a straggler, without papers to show where he belonged, and he was very sassy to mecalled me a liar, and said other mean things, right before my men, and I had to order him bucked-and-gagged to shut him up."

      by Grace of God Executive

      He began the explanation of that complicated manuver:

      "'Them's our names and addresses,' says the brats, cool as cucumbers. Thought we ought to give 'em to you, so's you'd know where to find us, in case you wanted us in a hurry, say, at night.'


      MRS. G.: We found out that people have been talking from other places, too. Downtown and even in the suburbs.CHAPTER II. SI AND SHORTY COME VERY NEAR LOSING THEIR BOYS.


      "You're Si Klegg, aren't you, of the 200th Ind.?" asked the Major.