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      She stood by the mound for a little while thinking of him, of how well he had lived and died, true to his standard of duty, absolutely true, but lacking after all that spirit of love without which our actions profit so little and die with our death. She had a clearer realization of it than ever before. It came to her that Charles Cairness's life, wandering, aimless, disjointed as it was, and her own, though it fell far below even her own not impossibly high ideals, were to more purpose, had in them more of the vital force of creation, were less wasted, than his had been. To have known no enthusiasmswhich are but love, in one form or anotheris to have failed to give that impulse to the course of events which every man born into the world should hold himself bound to give, as the human debt to the Eternal. up sum whAir soon. Then thEy wood sHp a bridlE ovEr yore

      He laughed, a little falsely, and turned back into the room."Goin' to be a full attendance at the services this evenin'," he muttered to himself. "But the more the merrier. It'll insure a goodly number at the mourner's bench when we make the call for the unconverted."

      Hes inspecting that airplaneI hope we didnt leave any clues! whispered Dick.The next time he succeeded in making it read:

      "Why, yo' robber, what d'yo' mean?" he gasped.

      "Well," he said more easily, "you've accomplished the thing you set out to do, anyway."



      "Come, don't waste any time asking questions," answered the nervous little Surgeon. "There's more troops coming right along, and we mustn't take any chances of their catching it."266


      Oh, I know it. I have seen him, been up in Maine. But he has given me a free hand, and I think you three can be useful. You see, I want that hangar watched, now that the reporters have gone away. I cant be there day and nightI know, he broke off to explain, that you three have suspected me of having something to do with the wrong side of the affair, and naturally enough. I came upon Larry unawares, at the seaplane. I accepted his offer about surrendering jewels and actually had a gun in my hand at the time. No wonder I fall in line aswell, as a suspected person. I dont hold that against you. As it happens, I am trying to recover the missing jewels, just because I made such a failure of rescuing them before.